Flamous — Go Check It Out!

I have just eaten the most nutritious, earth friendly mass-produced chip in existence, Ithink.  It’s called the Spicy Falafel chip by Flamous Brands. Tastes like a falaffel but looks like a chip. Non-GMO, totally organic, completely kosher (for Passover) and Hallel and endorsed by a bunch of happy family-friendly places. The only downer: it’s out of Pasadena, CA and not Chicago. Oh, well. It has an amazing taste and is only 107 cal. per 10 chips!

Check it out at:


(I am in NO WAY being reimbursed or sponsored by this post. The chips are just that good!)


About CarolineChicago

I am a freelance marketing strategist and content/copy writer living in the Chicago area. I enjoy writing on several different topics of personal interest, especially food and cooking.
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One Response to Flamous — Go Check It Out!

  1. zestybeandog says:

    I’ll have to try these… I wonder if they have them in Tx??

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