Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!

First, I want to congratulate friend, knitter, and fellow blogger, Sharri, on her 2nd (8th) wedding anniversary on Feb. 29!

Despite my enthusiasm for an entire “extra” day, somehow, work continued on, the kids still had homework, and my husband was under the weather with the flu bug many of us in this house have been fighting. However, we did manage to have a Leap Day pizza from Lou Malnati’s–our usual deep dish spinach and thin crust cheese. But instead of a Lou salad, I requested 2 orders of the fried calamari as something fun and unique for the evening.

Now, most of you who don’t live in the Chicago area (and perhaps some who do), may be wondering who in the heck Casimir Pulaski is (or, rather was). The short version is that Pulaski was a Polish military leader who became an American Revolutionary War hero, is credited as the “father of the American cavalry,” and died in battle in Savannah, Georgia, in 1779.

Because our school district, the Chicago Public School district, many other area schools and the Cook County courts are all closed in his honor (although it is not a parking meter holiday), I really believe kids should have to write an essay on this man before they graduate from high school. After 9 years of marking Pulaski Day with all three of my kids home doing pretty much nothing, I am, sadly, still faced with the same question every year: “Who was Pulaski?”

Finally, I ran across this great pic (below) the other day. I thought it was fun and worth

Image posting to more than just Pinterest (Yep, I finally caved and started pinning. It does have some advantages, mostly having to do with time and not creating a thousand bookmarks in my Chrome browser.)

Have a great evening!

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I am a freelance marketing strategist and content/copy writer living in the Chicago area. I enjoy writing on several different topics of personal interest, especially food and cooking.
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2 Responses to Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!

  1. Sharripie says:

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Carrie! We had a lovely night out at a local farm-to-table restaurant, at which we ate too much.

    On Pulaski Day, I kind of surprised your kids never had to learn about him, especially with the large number of people in Chicagoland of Polish ancestry. Oh, well. It’s not too late to make your kids write that essay!

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