First of the Coffee Reviews

I love my coffee–and since receiving my K-Cup coffee maker as a Christmas present, I’ve been loving my coffee even more. So many different types of coffee to try from so many different purveyors. In fact, in the beginning, it was a bit overwhelming. What was good? What was bad?

This page is an on-going coffee review blog for people like me: those whose first morning cup of coffee can make or break the day, those who list their blood type as C.

For the record, I drink my coffee black–unless I’m at a restaurant and the coffee is atrocious. In that case, I add cream. Sometimes I treat myself to a iced coffee blend–but for review purposes, all coffees are tasted without any additional ingredients.

Emeril’s Big Easy Bold

When I received my K-Cup maker, a variety of K-Cups came with the coffee maker. I tried all of them as well as others from different sources. Eventually the coffee that I settled on as my “house blend” is Emeril’s Big Easy Bold. It is perfect for those first cups of morning coffee. It is blended from dark, 100% Arabica beans and is bold enough to wake me up with its a strong taste (but no bitterness) and full coffee aroma. The packaging lists it as “intense” and “robust”–and I definitely agree. I recommend Emeril’s Big Easy Bold for any coffee drinker who likes a strong cup(s) of morning coffee. The coffee is 50% Rainforest Alliance Certified. Available for a low price through or for automatic delivery from 2012/9/2.

This is an on-going blog post that you easily can access at any time on my Coffee, Anyone? page. Please be sure to let me know what coffee you’d like to see reviewed.

About CarolineChicago

I am a freelance marketing strategist and content/copy writer living in the Chicago area. I enjoy writing on several different topics of personal interest, especially food and cooking.
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