Friday’s Show & Tell Day

I have decided to designate Friday as show & tell day, just like back when we were all small. For today’s show & tell, I’m presenting one of two ad options* that I just sent off to my client. Initial feedback from my client sponsor was very positive. We’ll see how her boss likes it.

The ad is an option for a B&W space ad in October’s ZombiCon newspaper for a publishing client that specializes in sci fi and thriller publications. The author is a VIP guest at this conference. He also holds the world’s record for the largest yo-yo collection.

*The other ad option is a PDF, and frankly, I’m too tired to convert the files to a .jpg to share here.

I’d like to give a special call-out to my husband for reminding me about Day 7 of my consecutive blogging and for reading all of them. Remember, he’s at or at Follow him, he’s great!

About CarolineChicago

I am a freelance marketing strategist and content/copy writer living in the Chicago area. I enjoy writing on several different topics of personal interest, especially food and cooking.
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