How Do You Compare to an Earlier Self?

A few days ago, I ran across one of the text photos on Facebook that asked: What do you like now that you didn’t like when you were young? 

Got me thinking. First, “when I was young” was more than a half of a lifetime ago now. To get to my daughter’s age, 15, which I believe is one of the 3 or 4 years at the height of youth and idealism (15-18), I have to go back more than half of my age. Yikes.

Next, the question should also be reversed: What did you like when you were young that you don’t like now? This could really be a long blog/list, so I’ll limit each list to 10.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments–what do you like/dislike now versus back when you were young? And if you are young, how do you feel about my lists and any comments that might show up from those older than you? Are we cynical, hypocritical, tired middle age farts? Do we sound like your parents?

Nope, I didn't like it!

Nope, I didn’t like it!

What I Didn’t Like When I Was Young that I Now Like

  1. Sleeping–Pretty simple. I had no time or desire to sleep in my youth. Now, a nice Saturday afternoon nap is a desirable, no-cost luxury. And I’m usually in bed by 10pm. I think this could change again as I continue to age, though. My husband’s grandma used to say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” God bless her–she lived to 102 years and was awake for most of the 20 years I knew her.
  2. Lima beans--who really likes these things?

    Lima beans–who really likes these things?

    Beans–I hated beans. All types of beans. Now I just hate lima beans. I love red kidney beans, black beans, and pinto beans the most. Not a huge fan of garbanzo beans, but I will eat them. I will not eat a lima bean–haven’t even bought them as an adult. I think it’s a texture thing.

  3. Blues music–I just couldn’t get into it as a teen. I think you need life experience to really appreciate it.
  4. Walking–I grew up in a mid-sized city not designed for walking. No one walked any where, even “downtown.” And when you are young, everything is about speed. Who wants to walk  when you can run, bike, or, even better and much more novel, drive. I now love walking, when I have the time. It’s free exercise and can be done in anything but extreme cold or heat. I can’t run anymore–it kills my knees and my ankle stiffens up. Biking would be good, but my bike needs some repair work.
  5. Beer–Yes, I admit drinking before being 21. But back in those days, I really didn’t like the taste of any alcohol. I usually drank wine coolers. But most often, I nursed a beer throughout a party. A, as in 1 (one), beer. I didn’t like the taste of beer–but sometimes it was the best idea. Now, I do like many different beers and drink them willingly. Probably an acquired taste (or the fact that adults can afford better beer).
  6. Roast beef and steak–My dad loved beef stew, roast beef, and steak. He was a true meat-and-potatoes man. I swear I couldn’t chew it enough to get down. Now that I can get it down (very easily) and love it, it’s no longer good for me.
  7. Split Pea Soup--tastes much better as an adult

    Split Pea Soup–tastes much better as an adult

    Split Pea Soup–Yes, I am fixating on food. My mom makes amazing split pea soup that I HATED when I was young. Now, I love homemade split pea soup. I think it was a texture thing (see #2).

  8. The Present–When I was young, the future couldn’t get here fast enough. I wanted out of my hometown. I wanted out of Indiana. I wanted out of high school and to get on to college and on with life. I couldn’t wait. The present tense wasn’t good for much. Now, I want time to stop right here (actually, I’ve been saying that since our oldest was in 5th grade and our youngest was in 1st grade. It was perfect). I’ve been stomping on the brakes, but so far it hasn’t helped.
  9. Quiet–Who wants quiet when they are young? Even when I studied, I had either the radio, a tape, or the TV on in the background. I remember spending a fortune having a car stereo installed in 10-year-old Plymouth Duster. It probably cost me months of wages, but sound was so important back then. Now, I know what my dad meant when he said all he wanted for Father’s Day was “peace and quiet.” Quiet is rare in this house. Even when the kids are at school, the dog still barks, clients call, the email dings, and the dryer beeps.
  10. Sci Fi Favs

    Sci Fi Favs

    Sci-Fi–Pretty odd for someone who just wrote about re-discovering her inner geekiness, right? Well, I hated sci-fi/fantasy when I was young. But now I really do love it. It is thoughtful, smart, and sometimes funny. And it offers hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow or other dimension or makes me appreciate the good in our world, depending on the story. An escape from reality that even more kids today appreciate than 20+ years ago.

grumpycatWhat I Liked When I Was Young that I Now Don’t Like

  1. Pink Floyd & The Who–Many people (including my husband) aren’t going to like that I said that. I don’t even like that I said that. But I’ve heard enough Pink Floyd and The Who to last the rest of my life time.
  2. Baseball is much too slow and boring these days.

    Baseball is much too slow and boring these days.

    Baseball (and the Cubs)–Good grief! Can anything be any slower or more boring?! And if I were to follow any team, it would be the White Sox, even though I was raised a Cubs fan.

  3. Politics–Back when I used to think I could help change the world, I loved following politics and political journalism. I loved arguing with my Republican father. Now, the whole thing just gives me high blood pressure. Most sane, moderate Americans have the answers–but our representatives don’t want to listen.
  4. Driving–I mentioned earlier that I like walking now. But I really don’t like driving anymore. I’m in that car/minivan constantly: errands, carpools, and more. In Chicago traffic. And with Chicago gas prices. Blech.
  5. Orange Juice–I used to love orange juice, until I was pregnant with baby number 1 and had problems with orange juice. Now I seem to like grape fruit juice.
  6. F. Scott Fitzgerald--perhaps died before his writing could mature to greater depths.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald–perhaps died before his writing could mature to greater depths.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald (or many of his works)–I am now the age he was when he died. I think I out grew him.

  7. Vodka — long story.
  8. Print newspaper–OK, my younger self didn’t have a choice. But I really only like getting my news online now. Yes, if the Trib decided to go digital only, I’d pay.
  9. Baking–I don’t have the time or patience anymore. I mostly bake under duress.
  10. The Future–More than 20 years later, I’m just not idealistic and realize that I just can’t help to change the world. The future doesn’t need sunglasses, that’s for sure. And in the future, the near future, my children begin to leave home . . . yikes.

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